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It all started when few years ago looking for Subbuteo on the net I met Iain Bell from Scotland and my passion for my childhood game grew again.
Providing me with a Heavy Weight team just by posting it to my address without knowing me and without asking something in return amazed me.
He was the first on a series of good friends that I made here. Swapping and discussing Subbuteo with Jools, Eddy Caccuri, Stewart and Niki Hannah,Uli Kretz, Phillipo Leone,Luca Livrieri,Lance, Stefano ,Duke, Kevin Blair, Paul Eyes ,Simone Borsi , Andrew Phillips , Neil and many other good friends was and always will be a great pleasure. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you.Without your help i wouldnt have built my Collection therefore this site wouldn't exist.

Hope my son Vasilis will not find a way to reach the top shelf with my zombies yet! For the moment he enjoys the Sport Billy figures!

Your comments are always welcome!